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Game Junk Podcast Episode #34: Super Mario Odyssey and Cuphead

0:00 – Intro
7:00 – Hot Button: Spoils Boxes and Microtransactions
47:25 – Review: Wonderful Mario Odysseyv 1:11:50 – Go over again: Cuphead
1:24:40 – Other Stuff We Played: Unknown: Lost Legacy, Metroid: Samus Returns, Ark: Survival Evolved, Goat Simulator, Kill, Blade Runner (1997), Nioh, Jak and Daxter, Bang Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Hellblade, Everybody’s Golf, Disney Afternoon Hoard, The Mummy Demastered, Sonic Fascination, Nier: Automata, Owlboy, Steam Tie-up, Lost Odyssey, Octopath Traveler, South Preserve: Fractured But Whole, Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander, Pyre, Call out of Duty: WWII, NHL 18, Assassin’s Belief Origins, SNES Classic
2:19:05 – Debris Mail: Organizing Game While + Quantum Leaps in Gaming Tech, Qualifying for Play Awards, Under the Radar PS4 Games, Stir Controls, Universally Praised Games We Can’t Allow, Rapid-Fire Questions, Pick Overload
2:53:05 – Outro

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Episode 206: Super Return of the Jedi

There’s not a full lot “super” about this event, but that, combined with “lady”, is the adjective that it gets.  Weld us as we put to rest an epic trilogy, as Luke, Leia, and Chewie flail their way into don an attempt to recreate the movie.  Also, seat pterodactyls!

You’ve turned off your downloading computer!

Manifest Notes

(02:15) Special Guest Kevin’s been playing Outright War: Warhammer II!  It is indeed 2, with roman numerals methodical!

(05:30) He’s also been playing The Gush even though he’s not in a million years played even one Dark Mortal.

(09:15) Zach finished Xenoverse 2!  The other 3 members of the Podcast counsel you watch Team Four Morning star play it instead.

(11:45) Zach is also stuck in both Murky Souls 3 and Cuphead.

(24:00) You got your foul Halloween costumes in my Lord of the Rings!

(37:00) Tyler’s been playing Hyper Flare Drifter!  It’s hyper impenetrable and hyper trippy.

(40:00) The Assignment, Revert to the Store For a Full Refun… I note, Super Star Wars: Turn back of the Jedi

(52:30) Ranking Dumpster Fires.

Next beat on Last Time, Diablo II!

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Sneak Peek!? It's a Gundam!

Hey, Harry!  If you’re a fan of being a nerd, and also peradventure anime, then we’ve got a treat for you!  From the creators of End Time on Video Games, here’s lurk peek at another podcast back old stuff!  Specifically, this one’s hither an older anime: Gundam Tuber!  This is the first problem of our episode-by-episode review of the demonstrate.  It only gets well-advised b wealthier as it goes on, and we think it’s a lot of fun!


Manifest Notes

(04:20) So many people decimal point guns at Relena.

Also, some Journeying.

(06:00) In which we learn that Zach and Geremy be struck by seen every Gundam at all.  Mostly.

(18:00) Kira took less 40 levels in computer wizard.

(23:20) KiraXAthrun: Kirathrun

(28:45) Sunglasses chick is Natarle, btw.  Tyler was wonderful wrong about her.

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It's League of Legends

Get off on.

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Episode 205: Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

During great chakra training, Fi sensed a intrusion in the ninja world.  Seeing no other alternative, she chose a hero from another everybody and bestowed upon him sweet ninja powers.  Also, she may or may not take orchestrated the abduction of that protagonist’s girlfriend so he’d have incentive to behave with Ninja World’s big bad.  That’s the cook up of this game, +/- 5%.  Combine our not-Goku on a journey to the land of honey-like ninjas, presumably laying somewhere to the west.

Hiden no justu: Daunrodo no Yari!

Prove Notes

(01:30) DDM, the best monster-summoning themed contest.

(02:45) Zach (and others) have been playing Xenoverse 2.

(09:00) The superior border patrol is more guns.

(12:00) Geremy becomes the 400th yourselves to recommend Kill la Kill to Tyler.

(23:00) You can babysit for sassy Frieza here.  We proceed to get distracted by Ultra Empathy for a while.

(30:00) Mo’ ninjas.

(46:45) Alex Kidd in ranking earth!

Next time on Last Occasion, Super Return of the Jedi!

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Episode 204: Resident Evil

When too assorted people go missing, it’s time to nickname in the experts.  When the experts go missing, it’s leisure to call in… !  Unify Jill and Chris as they search a mansion infested with badness.  A species of evil, one might say, in residence at said mansion.  Encounter through undead abominations, crafty puzzles, and pre-rendered backgrounds resulting in clunky camera angles to liberate your friends… and yourself!  Albeit, there’s less fighting and more crack the code solving, so maybe you’ll want to bring on some quick quips so you can maintain up with Guybrush.

Here’s a download.  It capability be handy if you, a master of downloading, lay one’s hands on it with ya.

Show Notes

(01:00) Thanks Audience!  This Podcast was damn near a Jill Sandwich!

(18:15) The Super NES Mini, next to a transcribe of Persona 5 and a Nintendo 3DS for scale.

(22:00) Satisfied Death Day!  It’s genuinely A-OK!

(27:45) Run Like Hell is an Xbox/PS2 championship similar to Resident Evil.  Old sufficiency nobody remembers it but not quite old satisfactorily to be of interest to this podcast.

(28:45) The embarrasse-ass opening cut scene of the original Citizen Evil, almost as awkward as us upsetting to transition into talking round it!

(30:00) Chris Redfield: Boulder Puncher

(47:15) Ranking Iniquitous

Next time on Last Hour, Alex Kidd in Shinobi Area!

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3D printing larger objects

If you are toughened to holding plastic items in your penmanship which have a smooth and glassy surface, the 3D printed objects are clearly different. Along the Z-axis the layer edifice is very visible. So a typical medium sized minuscule has a 25 mm base and is around 28 mm gangling. As I have written earlier, the primary problem of printing objects that judge is that printing anything less than 1 mm solid tends to fail, so I had to “fatten” some miniatures or provide them oversized weapons to labour. Now that I have a good preference of miniatures, I am more often printing larger objects, and the challenges are contrastive.Now “larger objects” on my 3D printer are restrictive to 150 mm in any dimension due to the size of the printer itself. To some compass you can clean the object up using a sanding sponge. Besides from the box, which was more of a tech demo to exhibit that you can print a hinged item in one piece, the other objects would be either adamantine to get anywhere, or be much more precious. The 3D printer also automatically makes items void, filled with some honeycomb shape, so a bulky 3D printed object is absolutely lightweight.While with larger objects there are no more problems with too all skin parts, the main downside of these objects is that the uneven rise is far more prominent. The miniatures are in a model 1 inch = 5 feet that is 1:60 decrease. But unless you want to spend hours sanding the intention will never be totally easy and shiny like a commercial injection-molded ingredient.I still don’t believe in a future where we all principled 3D print everything we need as an alternative of buying mass-produced items. Throughout the last month I printed disparate objects that were at or fasten to that limit: Two dice towers, a hinged box, a condolence card tray and two card holders for the 7th Continent, and JoyCon holders for the Nintendo Beat.

The best Total War?

Now in the outstanding Total War games I feel that the sum and the shell are at counter-purpose to each other. The hull game around the battles is a play of simple progression of units and commanders. Some players are exceptionally sensitive to losing units to lo fire, or losing a battle due to allies playing poorly or without coordination. The pitched battles are more fun, because they are more balanced and org a less certain outcome.Unconditional War: Arena gets rid of the strategic map, and that being so resolves that conflict. So, why would I approve this one?I tend to think of games as having a marrow game, which in the case of Whole War would be a battle, and a shell trick, which is the rest of the game front of battle. Due to the usual lack of coordination when playing with indiscriminate strangers, the strategic positioning on the action map is mostly non-existing. But if you consider the centre game, the battles in which you are certainly superior in numbers and quality honourable aren’t any fun. For maximum success in the hull game, the strategic map, you will unexceptionally want to have battles in which your troops outnumber the opponent. And as I said, I don’t even care much here that, as it will be reset at the end of the closed beta anyway.Of passage I can see how the battles in Total War: Arena capability not be for everyone. You can even suffer buddy-buddy fire from spearmen or pikemen in phalanx generation. In fact the game appears to be designed to provoke the kind of player that doesn’t suffer fools lightly, because there is familiar fire: Ranged units are not extremely accurate, and artillery is very sluggish and might fire on a spot where the contender has moved away from and an friend moved into, so even with the most appropriate of intentions it is nearly impossible to in toto avoid causing friendly blaze when playing ranged. You don’t necessitate pitched battles, because smooth if you win, the losses will set you back in the key game. You only control 3 units, and the exertion is mostly tactical. I don’t really diffic to care about losses, because they are automatically bought invest in with silver, and playing aggressively earns you more sterling than your losses outlay you. And the matchmaking makes every struggle balanced.


If you from any advice on good role-playing and scheme games for the Switch, I’m listening.Tobold’s Blog I’ve heard that it was usable both as a comfort connected to a TV and handheld, but hadn’t pondered that special attraction any further. I imagine I will end up using it in the rise that turns it more or less into a soothe far more than handheld. It was on unpacking that the genuineness dawned on me: The Switch isn’t actually a regatta console, it is a tablet computer. And of run also bought Zelda, and a few other games. Whatever purists influence think of it, you don’t want to unpack ploy stuff on Christmas and find it isn’t enthusiastic to play immediately with kids thither. A tablet computer with odd controllers, yes, but at its core a tablet computer. It contains a lex non scripta ‘common law to download it. After some evaluation and looking around, we settled on a Nintendo Turn for me, in a bundle with Super Mario Odyssey. It is a bit annoying that I’ll be subjected to to attach the controllers to the tablet after every playing meeting to recharge them, even if the controllers are reported to possess a longer battery life than the handheld memo pad.I’ll report sometimes after Christmas on how playing games on the Strike turns out. So I unpacked my Christmas contemporary already, to set it up (not to play), charge the batteries, and then heap it again to be ready for the event. Normally I wouldn’t be subjected to bought a console for a few good games, but we are spending Christmas with kids, and so the console wouldn’t just be for me, but also to nurture the kids busy.Being competition language literate I immediately spotted a future problem: The bundle doesn’t as a matter of fact contain the game Super Mario Odyssey. I’ll start with a library of 4 games: Wonderful Mario Odyssey (which I got more for the kids than for me, but the reviews are outstanding), Mario + Rabbids, Zelda, and Disgaea 5.

Gardmore Abbey 5E rerun – Session 3

Mistrustful of the gargoyle statues in anterior of the door they first attacked them, but that was a compendious and easy fight. So while the troop was resting the rival adventurers “moved” to the wizard’s fleche.On the way down to the wizard’s tower the company had an encounter with a Galeb Duhr and two Rust Monsters in the opening house. And finally the two groups met again, this thi with the evil group in saturated health and ready to strike. With 3 of the corrupt group members down, the punter druid offered them terms of part with (“give us your cards and go away the abbey forever”), which they accepted. As I pass over out full xp even for diplomatic victories this strive with got the group up to level 6, but I told them they needed to carry back to Winterhaven for that.In Winterhaven there was some confusion, because their previous “discerning victory” had involved letting at liberty a beholder, who had passed by the town, burned down the church, and killed the woman, before moving on. Having accompanied Sir Oakley to the chapel of Gardmore Abbey and defended him against mad harpies, it turned out that the job of the heroes wasn’t finished. In the forefront going up the tower we decided to be over the session and continue next beat. Tobold’s Blog The company decided not to follow, but made a abbreviated rest and then headed across to the wizard’s tower.Now I have to in that the 4 locations in which the organization can meet an evil group of rival adventurers are unfaltering by the 4 cards drawn for that batch. Being under no time compression the group made another shortened rest.Again they discovered traces of the antagonist adventures, them having formerly larboard climbing gear in place to condescend the slope to the wizard’s tower without captivating the detour through the orc camps. The premier encounter was hearing of the group in Winterhaven, the damaged encounter was the group helping the rivals in the garden to against giant spiders and being pink holding the bag for their effort. Be that as it may I had deliberately not optimized them, and so the players in the long run prevailed. A closer examination of the Yiddish shul revealed a staircase down into the catacombs, with latest footprints leading there. The ensuing quarrel was a tough one, as the evil group had the yet level 5 and outnumbered the players 5 to 4. The 3 religious vessels needed to purify the holy place were missing, and so now they are on a pursue to find them, among some other quests. Exclusive the barbarian librarian found a scroll on a bloodstained coat covering a large female conformation. However the monk and the druid weren’t wearing any non-magical metal at all, the ranger stayed at a mileage, and the barbarian succeeded all saving throws to remodel his extra weapons into rust; so the Rust Monsters weren’t surely all that scary for this separate group.