Episode 205: Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

By | November 7, 2017

During great chakra training, Fi sensed a intrusion in the ninja world.  Seeing no other alternative, she chose a hero from another everybody and bestowed upon him sweet ninja powers.  Also, she may or may not take orchestrated the abduction of that protagonist’s girlfriend so he’d have incentive to behave with Ninja World’s big bad.  That’s the cook up of this game, +/- 5%.  Combine our not-Goku on a journey to the land of honey-like ninjas, presumably laying somewhere to the west.

Hiden no justu: Daunrodo no Yari!

Prove Notes

(01:30) DDM, the best monster-summoning themed contest.

(02:45) Zach (and others) have been playing Xenoverse 2.

(09:00) The superior border patrol is more guns.

(12:00) Geremy becomes the 400th yourselves to recommend Kill la Kill to Tyler.

(23:00) You can babysit for sassy Frieza here.  We proceed to get distracted by Ultra Empathy for a while.

(30:00) Mo’ ninjas.

(46:45) Alex Kidd in ranking earth!

Next time on Last Occasion, Super Return of the Jedi!

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