Gardmore Abbey 5E rerun – Session 3

By | November 7, 2017

Mistrustful of the gargoyle statues in anterior of the door they first attacked them, but that was a compendious and easy fight. So while the troop was resting the rival adventurers “moved” to the wizard’s fleche.On the way down to the wizard’s tower the company had an encounter with a Galeb Duhr and two Rust Monsters in the opening house. And finally the two groups met again, this thi with the evil group in saturated health and ready to strike. With 3 of the corrupt group members down, the punter druid offered them terms of part with (“give us your cards and go away the abbey forever”), which they accepted. As I pass over out full xp even for diplomatic victories this strive with got the group up to level 6, but I told them they needed to carry back to Winterhaven for that.In Winterhaven there was some confusion, because their previous “discerning victory” had involved letting at liberty a beholder, who had passed by the town, burned down the church, and killed the woman, before moving on. Having accompanied Sir Oakley to the chapel of Gardmore Abbey and defended him against mad harpies, it turned out that the job of the heroes wasn’t finished. In the forefront going up the tower we decided to be over the session and continue next beat. Tobold’s Blog The company decided not to follow, but made a abbreviated rest and then headed across to the wizard’s tower.Now I have to in that the 4 locations in which the organization can meet an evil group of rival adventurers are unfaltering by the 4 cards drawn for that batch. Being under no time compression the group made another shortened rest.Again they discovered traces of the antagonist adventures, them having formerly larboard climbing gear in place to condescend the slope to the wizard’s tower without captivating the detour through the orc camps. The premier encounter was hearing of the group in Winterhaven, the damaged encounter was the group helping the rivals in the garden to against giant spiders and being pink holding the bag for their effort. Be that as it may I had deliberately not optimized them, and so the players in the long run prevailed. A closer examination of the Yiddish shul revealed a staircase down into the catacombs, with latest footprints leading there. The ensuing quarrel was a tough one, as the evil group had the yet level 5 and outnumbered the players 5 to 4. The 3 religious vessels needed to purify the holy place were missing, and so now they are on a pursue to find them, among some other quests. Exclusive the barbarian librarian found a scroll on a bloodstained coat covering a large female conformation. However the monk and the druid weren’t wearing any non-magical metal at all, the ranger stayed at a mileage, and the barbarian succeeded all saving throws to remodel his extra weapons into rust; so the Rust Monsters weren’t surely all that scary for this separate group.