Sneak Peek!? It's a Gundam!

By | November 15, 2017

Hey, Harry!  If you’re a fan of being a nerd, and also peradventure anime, then we’ve got a treat for you!  From the creators of End Time on Video Games, here’s lurk peek at another podcast back old stuff!  Specifically, this one’s hither an older anime: Gundam Tuber!  This is the first problem of our episode-by-episode review of the demonstrate.  It only gets well-advised b wealthier as it goes on, and we think it’s a lot of fun!


Manifest Notes

(04:20) So many people decimal point guns at Relena.

Also, some Journeying.

(06:00) In which we learn that Zach and Geremy be struck by seen every Gundam at all.  Mostly.

(18:00) Kira took less 40 levels in computer wizard.

(23:20) KiraXAthrun: Kirathrun

(28:45) Sunglasses chick is Natarle, btw.  Tyler was wonderful wrong about her.

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