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Episode 206: Super Return of the Jedi

There’s not a full lot “super” about this event, but that, combined with “lady”, is the adjective that it gets.  Weld us as we put to rest an epic trilogy, as Luke, Leia, and Chewie flail their way into don an attempt to recreate the movie.  Also, seat pterodactyls!

You’ve turned off your downloading computer!

Manifest Notes

(02:15) Special Guest Kevin’s been playing Outright War: Warhammer II!  It is indeed 2, with roman numerals methodical!

(05:30) He’s also been playing The Gush even though he’s not in a million years played even one Dark Mortal.

(09:15) Zach finished Xenoverse 2!  The other 3 members of the Podcast counsel you watch Team Four Morning star play it instead.

(11:45) Zach is also stuck in both Murky Souls 3 and Cuphead.

(24:00) You got your foul Halloween costumes in my Lord of the Rings!

(37:00) Tyler’s been playing Hyper Flare Drifter!  It’s hyper impenetrable and hyper trippy.

(40:00) The Assignment, Revert to the Store For a Full Refun… I note, Super Star Wars: Turn back of the Jedi

(52:30) Ranking Dumpster Fires.

Next beat on Last Time, Diablo II!

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