Elemental Evil: Session 10

By | December 5, 2017

As turn would have it, the sole keeper of the tower was Savra, a young gentleman, who knew Theren from Waterdeep. While having escaped unseen, the vilify hadn’t gone unnoticed. The guard was well guarded, with patrols on the walls. While Theren was chatting with Savra, other league members searched the tower, but of way everything of value or incriminating had been removed.From there the troop moved towards the Dessarin River, with the fancy to move north from there and tr Rivergard Keep, the suspected fastness of the elemental evil cult of salt water. Near the river they came upon a milieu where a group of water cultists was harassing a reconcile oneself to, with the bear curiously shouting for resist in common. It also solves the slow-witted problem that moon druids every so often would like to remain in animal state between fights, but would then be excluded from discussing plans with the vacation of the group.] Varigo also told the assembly that he was on the way to Scarlet Moon Lecture-hall to witness the Rite of the Wicker Colossus, a ritual that is supposed to return nature’s balance in the troubled territory.The next day the group reached Rivergard Maintain. So while they were at breakfast the next morning in the tavern in Red Larch, a townswoman poultry merchant came in telling the word: “Bandits” had attacked Featherscale Column, and the survivors of the Feathergale Society had sure to quit the tower, leaving but a single guardian behind. So after some analysis on how to approach the group decided to climb the madden during the night under robe of a silence spell. [DM’s note: Our druid needed a raise due to the weird power curve of the moon druid compared to other classes, which results him being resilient at level 2, but not growing in power much until even 6, while everybody else surpasses him at equivalent 5. A fight ensued in which the assemblage slew the cultists and rescued the druid/bear. In the aforesaid session the group had attacked Feathergale Pinnacle, the first stronghold of the elemental dreadful cult of air. I don’t think she will frolic frequently, but it is nice that she now knows a bit improved what we are doing when we carouse.Tobold’s Blog They killed the exasperate guard, and then entered help of a door into the second lower limit of the keep. There they managed to kill off 6 crushing wave reavers (the elite soldiers of the maintain) without raising an alarm. Having consequently successfully infiltrated the keep, we stopped the term there, to continue in the new year.On a derogatory note, the player of the paladin was off, so my wife played her character. Asking upon the door the group learned that the cults knew there were 4 keys to bare the portal, but as nobody had all 4 keys that was not the stereotypical way to open it; instead the prophetess opens the door with the better of her magical spear. Being a tyro of the cult and a bit naive and trusting as a help to somebody she knew, Savra told the aggregation that “the prophetess” aka Aerisi Kalinoth (the lady on the shroud of the Princes of the Apocalypse book) had draw near and taken the rest of the Feathergale Companionship with her through the magical portal into the mosque below.