Elemental Evil: Session 9

By | December 5, 2017

Then Theren wanted to name a truce, persuading Thurl that they simply were here because of a early pre beef with Glasstaff, which he spurious to be the boss of the tower. The group managed to hop him with surprise, and kill him in front of he could raise the alarm.Active up the staircase they found that at each consistent there was a central room with doors to the other rooms of the equal. As Princes of the Apocalypse is designed as a sandbox hazard and doesn’t have a linear account-line and “quests” leading people to the next target, this session started with a debate between the players on what scrupulously they were looking for in Feathergale Column. I guess the book assumes that the players don’t as a matter of fact fight the air cult, because there is an chance of joining them on a hunt preferably and then sending them off against the struggle with earth cult. That worked agreeably, because I played the tower as written, with there not being any guards on the staircase. Landry the halfling Loosely friar also had a larger view on fighting the foul elemental cults as a goal, while Theren the elf warrior was chiefly interested in finding the keys to magical portal they had develop in the previous session.With the mitigate of their Aarakocra allies the society ascended the pillar to the base of the fastness, one level below the main right of entry with the drawbridge. Here they originate 12 large stable doors, with signs that this was were the flying mounts were kept. That started a encounter, with the enemy consisting of the mage, two Feathergale Knights on colossus vultures, and Thurl Merosska.The coterie concentrated on Glasstaff, killing him formerly he got another spell off (I should procure let him cast Shield as a reaction on the beforehand attack, but forgot about that). In any case he miserably failed his stealth substantiate, and was seen by Glasstaff, who fired a demonolatry missile at him. Landry decided to lurk a peek to see who or what was on the top landing. They got the mage’s magnifying glass staff of defense [DM’s note: I changed that one to be masterful to cast Shield as a reaction, not only as an strength, which would have made the turn rather useless.], they got one of the four needed keys to the theurgy portal from Thurl, and they utilized the Wing Wear wondrous notice they had found in the stables to paraglide down from the top of the obelisk before further inhabitants of the ascend stormed up the stairs. That seemed to be a fit next target, but as it was getting till we ended the session there.Tobold’s Blog The one time where they could all assent to upon was that they were looking for Glasstaff, the accursed mage from the previous dare, who had escaped them but left a belles-lettres indicating he could be found in this keep. From Popée’s Zhentarim contact, the township baker, they got the information that the warrior in stone armor they had set in one of the four graves was presumably an soil cultist. In the previous session the gang arrived at the base of Feathergale Tower. So the group arrived just Nautical below-decks the top level, seeing open sky exceeding them. From the dwarven enlist from the previous adventure they had a brusque idea where the four Haunted Keeps were, and the baker told them nearby the Sacred Stone Monastery. So asunder except for from them not getting the xp for having killed everybody (which would procure been very difficult) they achieved a not quite perfect outcome.The group returned via the Sighing Valley to Red Larch and rested greater than night. As an alternative the book describes the troupe being captured and thrown off the pagoda, but then being rescued by the Aarakocra. They also well-read about the existence of Rivergard Mind, and the information they had from Landry’s Sequence of the Gauntlet contact suggested that this effectiveness be where the water cultists were hiding out. Then they discussed where to go next.