Gardmore Abbey 5E rerun – Session 4

By | December 5, 2017

I had the freak use his disguise spell to assume the very form as the specters, so the group didn’t this instant know where the main menace was. Most of the gnolls made it to the next cell and barred the door, but the barbarian equitable crashed through that door with an excellent strength check. Then they unambiguous to take the stairs in the temple unrivalled down to a dungeon, where they encountered a band of gnolls. This term started with an interesting brawl in a wizard’s tower. But the group prevailed and scored another Christmas card from the deck of many things, which had been frozen in a close off of ice together with a Barlgura evil spirit. That caused quite some relate to on how to get to the card without being attacked by the freak, however it turned out that the devil didn’t wake up at all and just got banished go to the abyss by defrosting him.So the group moved on to the garrison, having build both possible ways to agape the door there, a scroll from the wizard’s citadel and the sword of the lost paladin. So the party was hit with a lot of ice magic which hindered their relocation, while battling the wizard and his 4 icy mummies. The team attacked immediately, while the gnolls tried to resort. But there was another Barlgura vampire in the garrison, together with some specters, and this occasion the demon was alive.