Hidden Pay2Win

By | December 5, 2017

If you disport oneself the game with a free account, you not just earn less xp, but silver is also sealed, so you can only afford the necessary component equipment. With a free account you can not afford them once in a while. But it is altogether discreet and not widely advertised. If you sport with a premium account, you get a lot more silvery (because the gross amount in front of expenses is increased, leaving a much larger net amount). So in the end the perquisite players’ units have heartier stats than the free players’ units. But there are also consumables which plainly increase your stats for the unbroken duration of the battle. You can set those to auto-filled up with, and get the effect in every battle, at the payment of silver. As a result, with a come-on account you can play with consumables all the age and not have any money problems. This weekend I noticed a pi feature of Total War: Arena.