Elemental Evil: Session 9

Then Theren wanted to name a truce, persuading Thurl that they simply were here because of a early pre beef with Glasstaff, which he spurious to be the boss of the tower. The group managed to hop him with surprise, and kill him in front of he could raise the alarm.Active up the staircase they… Read More »

SailCraft Online

Ships move in common, uncommon, rare and renowned types, and the more of the same haul you find, the higher you can upgrade them in plane. I just don’t think I’ll ever originate it to the very top, because that appears to need some serious spending, which I am not game to do.Tobold’s Blog Which… Read More »

Is Your D&D Character Rare?

But as a 5th issue character with standard array or 27-heart buy stats I’d end up with something not really fun to play in combat. The result is boringly liable: People overwhelmingly choose a rally that gives at least a +1, if not a +2 perk to their main class stat. As the sluice system has been… Read More »

Don't want to battle for Azeroth

At this period in time I don’t feel any interest in that dilation. World of Warcraft announced a 7th development called Battle for Azeroth. As it is coming out in a year, there is at rest time for me to change my mind.

Elemental Evil: Session 8

This ended up being a preferably interesting fight, with the band using ranged attacks while closing in, and being call of fire themselves. In most rounds I unmistakable to let the manticore fire its spikes on the closest foe. So they explored the cave and establish three air cultist spellcasters praying in cover of a… Read More »

Hidden Pay2Win

If you disport oneself the game with a free account, you not just earn less xp, but silver is also sealed, so you can only afford the necessary component equipment. With a free account you can not afford them once in a while. But it is altogether discreet and not widely advertised. If you sport… Read More »

Open beta weekend for Total War: Arena

So there is quiet some work to be done on that mien, and the devs admitted as much.Tobold’s Blog They couldn’t depart into complete open beta yet, because the meet still needs some balancing, and after unclosed beta starts there longing be no more wipes. If you’re not in the closed beta for Unmitigated War:… Read More »

Game Junk Podcast Episode #34: Super Mario Odyssey and Cuphead

0:00 – Intro7:00 – Hot Button: Spoils Boxes and Microtransactions47:25 – Review: Wonderful Mario Odysseyv 1:11:50 – Go over again: Cuphead1:24:40 – Other Stuff We Played: Unknown: Lost Legacy, Metroid: Samus Returns, Ark: Survival Evolved, Goat Simulator, Kill, Blade Runner (1997), Nioh, Jak and Daxter, Bang Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Hellblade, Everybody’s Golf, Disney Afternoon… Read More »

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Episode 206: Super Return of the Jedi

There’s not a full lot “super” about this event, but that, combined with “lady”, is the adjective that it gets.  Weld us as we put to rest an epic trilogy, as Luke, Leia, and Chewie flail their way into don an attempt to recreate the movie.  Also, seat pterodactyls! You’ve turned off your downloading computer!… Read More »

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Sneak Peek!? It's a Gundam!

Hey, Harry!  If you’re a fan of being a nerd, and also peradventure anime, then we’ve got a treat for you!  From the creators of End Time on Video Games, here’s lurk peek at another podcast back old stuff!  Specifically, this one’s hither an older anime: Gundam Tuber!  This is the first problem of our… Read More »

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