Episode 205: Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

During great chakra training, Fi sensed a intrusion in the ninja world.  Seeing no other alternative, she chose a hero from another everybody and bestowed upon him sweet ninja powers.  Also, she may or may not take orchestrated the abduction of that protagonist’s girlfriend so he’d have incentive to behave with Ninja World’s big bad. … Read More »

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Episode 204: Resident Evil

When too assorted people go missing, it’s time to nickname in the experts.  When the experts go missing, it’s leisure to call in… !  Unify Jill and Chris as they search a mansion infested with badness.  A species of evil, one might say, in residence at said mansion.  Encounter through undead abominations, crafty puzzles, and… Read More »

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3D printing larger objects

If you are toughened to holding plastic items in your penmanship which have a smooth and glassy surface, the 3D printed objects are clearly different. Along the Z-axis the layer edifice is very visible. So a typical medium sized minuscule has a 25 mm base and is around 28 mm gangling. As I have written… Read More »

The best Total War?

Now in the outstanding Total War games I feel that the sum and the shell are at counter-purpose to each other. The hull game around the battles is a play of simple progression of units and commanders. Some players are exceptionally sensitive to losing units to lo fire, or losing a battle due to allies… Read More »


If you from any advice on good role-playing and scheme games for the Switch, I’m listening.Tobold’s Blog I’ve heard that it was usable both as a comfort connected to a TV and handheld, but hadn’t pondered that special attraction any further. I imagine I will end up using it in the rise that turns it… Read More »

Gardmore Abbey 5E rerun – Session 3

Mistrustful of the gargoyle statues in anterior of the door they first attacked them, but that was a compendious and easy fight. So while the troop was resting the rival adventurers “moved” to the wizard’s fleche.On the way down to the wizard’s tower the company had an encounter with a Galeb Duhr and two Rust… Read More »

One more 7th Continent post before I shut up :)

And we set up the next two landmarks on the clue map.It was getting almost too easy, and so we decided to do something more touch-and-go. Next we will try to hunt again and then string the path on the clue map.Tobold’s Blog That gives you a choosing of three places to continue, and by… Read More »

Land of Livia

But of class sometimes I don’t notice, or I am in a position where I can’t pull out my phone to induce a move. Overall you follow a foremost story, but there are side-stories as well enough, so it isn’t completely linear.I tried to sport this on my iPad, but somehow my customary tablet use… Read More »

7th Continent – Non-Spoiler Hints

Unless your discard rol is empty, you’ll always hanker after to hunt first, explore other accoutrements later. But if you played it, you got some helpful effect out of it, which is obviously healthier.2) Look at the terrain tiles carefully. The other is to modify the rules. Or you can beget a save checkpoint, which… Read More »